Do you want to give your kitchen an upgrade? You can do that very easily by bringing some changes. You can add simple kitchen cabinets and other storage solutions. When opting for kitchen cabinets, one gets numerous options to choose.

Homeowners can choose from ready to install cabinets or fully assembled cabinets. However, homeowners before deciding on the suitable option needs to take a look at the pros and cons of each cabinet style before arriving at a decision.

Kitchen Cabinets

Whether a fully-assembled cabinet or an RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinet would be suitable for a home can be decided, after reviewing the benefits of both.

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For A DIY Project

If you are a homeowner who is planning to installs the kitchen cabinets on your own, you should go for the pre-assembled cabinets. The cabinets come with simple step-by-step instructions. Hence, a skilled person who is having great craftsmanship skill can easily assemble the parts of kitchen cabinets and install it easily.

The basic advantage of using custom kitchen cabinets is that it can save a lot of costs. After all, customers can easily select the wood quality and finishes. Moreover, the cabinets come with high-quality hardware. Hinges and brackets can come attached to the cabinets.

One would need to go through the instructions carefully before assembling and installing it. Or else, one would waste a lot of time in assembling and installing it.

Sometimes, homeowners might require calling a professional in order to install the RTA cabinets. Hence, the cost might eventually go up. Still, the professionals can complete the task within one day.

When To Opt For Fully Assembled Cabinets?

On many occasions, homeowners opt for fully-assembled cabinets. However, they take a little bit of time to reach to them. Apart from the time, it can also cost a lot as the manufacturer’s charges customers the shipping cost and the labor cost of putting the cabinets together.

Unlike the ready to install custom kitchen cabinets, a fully assembled cabinet can be installed directly after arrival. They offer a greater finishing as it has been already assembled by the manufacturer.  Moreover, they are perfectly polished and can be a great beauty to look at.

On numerous instances, it has been seen that RTA cabinets are made with plywood. However, it is not the case with fully assembled kitchen cabinets. The latter makes use of premium quality wood and plywood. Moreover, one won’t need a contractor to install the fully assembled cabinets.

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RTA or Fully Assembled

Homeowners before opting for custom kitchen cabinets should make sure they have enough spaced to carry out the assembling task. Once the cabinet pieces are put together, it would be ready to install. However, RTA cabinets create a lot of mess around the home till the installation task gets completed.

For some homeowners, the convenience of fully assembled kitchen cabinets overshadows the cost and long waiting time of the cabinets. However, for some ready to install cabinets is a better option, both in terms of money saving and time.

Irrespective of the type of cabinets one chooses for their home, it can automatically increase the appeal of the home. So, before coming to any conclusion one should do a proper research about the cabinets.